≡ Every patient wants the same thing: "Not to be a patient"

Nobody wants to have treatments but everyone wants health and beauty. A healthy and beautiful smile with the least amount of trips to the dentist as possible. In our vision, there is only one kind of treatment, the kind where you stop being a patient. A one-way trip to health and beauty.

Implants, veneers, orthodontic appliances, and all dentistry are simply procedures from treatment plan architecture, which is unique for every patient. At the end of this journey, you are healthy, your function (chewing) is restored, you have the smile you always wanted, and you have a long-lasting result. In order to achieve this we follow a strict protocol that involves 3 main stages.

⁞ DWF // Digital WorkFlow 

We start all our treatments with design; this design is then transformed into a treatment plan, that integrates biology, structure and function, in order to achieve longevity. We design using videos, and a digital clone of the patient that is assembled from photos, x-rays and 3D imagery. For every case we can simulate its outcome, using before and after videos, before the treatment starts. We use visual communication with our patients, showing them what they can get, how they would look, in a way that everyone understands.

⁞ DID // Digital Implant Design

 3D digital planning and precision implant design

Digital implant planning creates outcomes that are predictable and can be visualised right at the beginning of treatment. This ensures that ideal form and function are kept at the forefront of implant design. The design process utilises digital colour scans of the teeth and gums that is integrated with 3D facial imaging, to produce dental implants that are customised to each person's unique treatment needs.

We use SmartFusion>>>Info

⁞ DSD · Digital Smile Design

The Digital Smile Design Concept (DSD) seeks to present to the world a new face of Dentistry, more human, emotional and artistic, but also more efficient and precise through digital technology, further enhancing our noble profession in society, because after all there are not many things in this life that are more important than a healthy, natural, confident and beautiful SMILE.

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