≡ All-ceramic crowns

Dental crowns are used to restore function and aesthetics of structurally compromised teeth and dental implants. All-ceramic crowns can be made from different types of ceramics. Depending on the case, we will select the best material aiming for a balance between aesthetics and longevity. At MUAKS we do not use metal in our crowns, just zirconia or lithium disilicate.

≡ Facially-driven design

The smile is a facial feature; therefore we design each crown from a facial perspective. We use Digital Smile Design to find the ideal size, proportion and shape of each future tooth.

Muaks dental care, crowns. Rodrigo Castillo


⁞ Precision · Longevity

Both dentists and technicians use magnification for their work (dental magnifiers), allowing superior precision. In dentistry, precision means longevity. An all ceramic crown can have a life-span up to 20 years.

Muaks dental care, crowns. Rodrigo Castillo


⁞ Superior ceramics

We use ceramics with superior optical properties. These types of ceramics have beautiful value and a gradient translucency. Together with natural shape and texture design, restorations have a lively beauty.

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